Sending a reminder for a Kaizala action

Many times we would want to send reminder for a particular action, listing some of them below:

  1. Sending a daily reminder for an ongoing survey
  2. In a public group, sending an existing poll / survey / action to a subscriber who has just joined the group

All these can be achieved by sending a reminder to the action (poll, survey, custom action, etc.).

Kaizala API

Below is the API for sending a reminder:

Request Headers
Request Body{


  • Elements in curly / squiggly brackets need to be replaced
    • endpoint-url is present in the response to generate accessToken call.
    • group-id is the id of the Group on which you want to send the reminder.
    • action-id is the id of the action (survey / poll / custom action, etc.) that you have sent. While sending an action, you get an actionId and responseId (screenshot shows the one to pick).
    • access-token is required for authentication. If you are not familiar, please refer Getting started with Kaizala APIs.
    • mobile-number is the number of the subscriber to whom the message is targeted.
  • The Request Body is required only if you want to send the reminder directed to select subscriber(s) in which case:
    • Make sure the sendToAllSubscribers field is set to false if its targeted to a subscriber.
    • The subscribers field is an array, so you can input a comma separated list of numbers to which the message is intended.
    • If the subscribers array has a number that is not a subscriber, the request would fail.


Thank you for reading, hope it was helpful. If you have any comments / feedback please let me know by commenting on this post.

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