Connect with friends and family using Games on Kaizala!

Today we have something new in our blog, something different from the usual. During these quarantine times, it becomes tough to stay in touch with family and friends from whom we have been disconnected for what seems like forever. Games help us re-connect with them, create strong bonds and have some fun times of course! We have introduced a bunch of new games in Kaizala to help you do the same and create some good memories 🙂 Join in on the excitement in the following ways

Tambola (Also known as Housie)

a) Go to Discover on Kaizala -> and then Actions which is where you will find the Tambola card ready to be tried out in any group with friends and family!

Add the Tambola Card to a group of your choice

b) How to play:

A typical tambola game has one admin who calls out the randomly selected numbers in the game, and everyone else tries to strike the same off the number cards provided to them. The admin launches the card using the attachment icon and starts a new game by clicking on the start Game button:

The tambola game card is sent to all members of the group.

Tambola card which is sent out after host starts the game

On clicking Play, admins can see a screen where they can pick numbers sequentially, whereas players get to see what numbers the admin is picking and strike them off accordingly from their card on encountering a matching number.

The players can claim any of the boxes one by one whenever they feel they have achieved the same on their game card. The first person to claim the box wins that claim. The claims stand for the following:

  1. Fast5: When 5 numbers are striked off from the card.
  2. First Row: When all numbers from the first row are striked off from the card.
  3. Middle Row: When all numbers from the middle row are striked off from the card.
  4. Last Row: When all numbers from the last row are striked off from the card.
  5. Corners: When the numbers from the four corners- Top Right, Top Left, Bottom Left and Bottom Right are striked off from the card
  6. Jackpot: When all the numbers are striked off from the card

Once all the five boxes have been claimed, a winners screen is displayed which is where the game ends!

Quick Games

Quick Games is a public group in Kaizala containing many fun games. To join the group you can go to Discover -> Groups -> Search for Quick Games

Find the Quick Games group in Discover tab

You can also join the group using any of the following:

  1. Group code: 3151641126
  2. Join link:
  3. QR Code:

Here you can find various fun games like Brainvita tournament, 2048 and Tetris which are posted daily! Also you will be ranked among 6k subscribers using a daily sent out leaderboard based on your results!

Quick Games Group

Quiz Based Games

We also have introduced some quiz based games for you. To get these quizzes daily you can join a group named “Trivia Quiz”. You can also find this group is the Discover tab -> Groups -> Search for Trivia Quiz

Find the trivia quiz group in discover tab

You can also join the group in the following ways:

  1. Group Code: 1796796369
  2. Group Link:
  3. QR Code:
Trivia Quiz QR Code.

In this group, quizzes of different categories are sent out each day, on answering them you get a certificate and at the end of the day you will be ranked against all the players who took the quiz.

Trivia Quiz Group

We hope you have a good time exploring these options and playing these fun games! Please feel free to leave your comments in the comments section below and we will be happy to hear you out. Happy gaming and safe quarantine 🙂

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