Customer Engagement Business Solution

Setting up a business is difficult – but connecting to customers, finding the target audience and advertising is even more challenging. However, Microsoft Kaizala makes connecting with potential customers easy by the customer engagement business solution that it provides.

A business can easily create a discoverable business group from the portal. With specific details such as business name, description and an appropriate welcome message for all its customers, a broadcast group will be created with the creator as admin. The group is discoverable in Nearby Groups for consumers up to a distance of 500km. So, any consumer for whom the business might be relevant, will be able to discover the group in Nearby Groups [Kaizala App -> Discover Tab -> More -> Nearby Groups].

Loyal or previous customers of the business can directly be added as subscribers at the time of group creation. There are options to bulk upload phone numbers via csv during group creation and also later – once the group has been created. Further, customers can also join the groups by scanning the QR code from posters/ social media posts that can be circulated by the business. On joining, they will be added as subscribers to the broadcast group.

Fig.2 : Configure discoverability and bulk upload existing customers as subscribers

Advantages of a Customer Engagement Group

Apart from being discoverable within 500km, the business can post latest offers, advertisements and business details in the group in the form of announcements. It can send out surveys and polls to understand customer sentiment and expand the business. It can also update the brochure, contact details and terms of the business in the respective cards which can be viewed real-time by customers and subscribers.

Subscribers, on the other hand, can rate the business, raise an issue or a query. By posting a review in the Rate Us card, a subscriber can give a rating and a review to the business which will be visible to the admins of the group. The admin can contact the subscriber for any clarifications and improve their services and offerings.

The subscribers can also raise an issue with the “Raise an Issue” card. They can chat with the business until their issue is resolved without affecting the experience for other customers. This gives a personalized channel for reaching out to the business and flagging issues. A subscriber can directly reach out to the admin using this card. For the admin, a consolidated view of all issues raised can be collected under detailed survey reports in analytics tab of Kaizala management portal.

For any kind of inquiries or questions, the customer can raise it via the “Business Enquiry” card. The business can respond via call to the subscriber and clarify his/ her query.


To conclude, Kaizala makes connecting with customers easier. Promoting a business and making it discoverable is simple and it is being heavily used by businesses to keep customers updated. Also, responding to customer queries and resolving issues real-time makes this solution valuable for businesses who care about customers by showing true customer empathy.

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