Kaizala Text Translator

Have you ever received a text message in a language that you can’t read and as a result struggled to be a part of the conversation? Well, you don’t have to anymore! Kaizala now enables you to translate any text message into the language of your preference and send a text message in your preferred language without worrying about the receiver’s known language.  🙂 We … Continue reading Kaizala Text Translator

Customer Engagement Business Solution

Setting up a business is difficult - but connecting to customers, finding the target audience and advertising is even more challenging. However, Microsoft Kaizala makes connecting with potential customers easy by the customer engagement business solution that it provides. A business can easily create a discoverable business group from the portal. With specific details such … Continue reading Customer Engagement Business Solution

Connect with friends and family using Games on Kaizala!

Today we have something new in our blog, something different from the usual. During these quarantine times, it becomes tough to stay in touch with family and friends from whom we have been disconnected for what seems like forever. Games help us re-connect with them, create strong bonds and have some fun times of course! … Continue reading Connect with friends and family using Games on Kaizala!

Common pitfalls / bad practices in Kaizala solutions

In this post, I will be talking about a few commonly observed pitfalls / misconceptions / bad practices that I have come across to help you detect them early and design accordingly. I hope to keep adding to this as I come up with more, will probably have a section that captures the updates to … Continue reading Common pitfalls / bad practices in Kaizala solutions