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Sensum – New Employer of Choice and Awards Sponsor


RMIT Property, Construction and Project Management welcomes New Employer of Choice (EOC) Sensum to our program.

Sensum also joins us as sponsors of the newly created “Sensum Award” which will award a monetary prize ($500) for a high performing student who undertakes research in the Modular and/or Prefabricated Construction field in the Research Practices 2 subject. Sensum will also sponsor the student achievement award second year project management  and will present at the Annual Industry, Research and Awards Night 18th October.

Sensum, which until June 30th 2018 was known as BHA Project Management has changed its business name to to better reflect its identity. More than just a project manager, the company is establishing itself as a visionary and intuitive leader in modern construction.

Sensum offers a wide range of bespoke services including project delivery, program management, and consulting solutions. The company is well known for its work in overseeing offsite construction projects, including the Victorian School Building Authority’s modular and relocatable building programs.

CEO Nick Strongman says “we are really proud of what we have achieved in schools. We are passionate about challenging industry traditions to deliver positive results for our clients and for local communities.”

Sensum is committed to building relationships with industry partners and stakeholders to promote state-of-the art, sustainable and environmental construction solutions.

In addition to a re-brand and refresh, Sensum is celebrating its nomination in the 2018 Telstra Business Awards. Sensum is one of five Victorian companies to be nominated in the Emerging and Energised category.

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