Flow scenario #1: Send a survey daily

I have picked up a scenario where you might need to send a survey with the same set of questions on a daily basis. This could be automated very simply using Microsoft Flow. In case you are new to Flow or the Kaizala connector, suggest you read this post to get started.


This scenario will need a Recurrence trigger to be triggered every day at a set time. You can search for Recurrence and configure it with your desired frequency. I have shown a screenshot of my example below. (configured to run everyday at 7AM).


Subsequently you can add a Kaizala action to send the survey. Search for “Send action on a group” and add it to the flow. You can configure the title, visibility, anonymity, multiple responses, due date (in hours) and questions.

The questions field is a JSON array of question(s) that are in the format {“title”:”string”, “type”:”string”}. For details on supported types in questions refer documentation. Below is the sample.

I wanted the title to have the date information – so I added an expression as shown below.

Screenshots of the flow

Complete flow

(recurrence trigger and the send survey action) looks like this:

Survey on phone

Hope that was helpful. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Thanks for the post. On the same note, is it possible for one to set an automatic reminder to groups members after due time (expiration) is over?


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