Kaizala – a safe and secure way to stay connected

Kaizala (KAY-zah-lah), a Marathi word meaning 'What’s Happening' , is positioned to be the next big thing in the world of chat apps. With Privacy and User data security being the focal point of how chat apps are being evaluated worldwide, Kaizala provides a benchmark. Kaizala hit the bullseye when it comes to data security and … Continue reading Kaizala – a safe and secure way to stay connected

Customer Engagement Business Solution

Setting up a business is difficult - but connecting to customers, finding the target audience and advertising is even more challenging. However, Microsoft Kaizala makes connecting with potential customers easy by the customer engagement business solution that it provides. A business can easily create a discoverable business group from the portal. With specific details such … Continue reading Customer Engagement Business Solution

Auto Fill User Details using Kaizala

In this post, we will talk about how we can access group and user user details of the current logged in user in a custom action card. This can be useful to autofill user details like phone number, user name etc. already known by Kaizala. This prevents the user from manually taking the effort to type in these details.  Extracting group and Kaizala user details  Profile … Continue reading Auto Fill User Details using Kaizala