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Now you can discover actions relevant to your industry in the Kaizala Management Portal. What this basically means is – that if you belong to a particular industry (For e.g. Airlines), you can find all actions that would be appropriate for you and start using the actions right away with no or minimal code required.

Kaizala, over the many years has developed many high-impact custom actions which has been used a lot by our customers. By introducing this new feature to discover actions, we want to empower our tenants to start using the actions relevant for them which they can pin it to a chat group with minimal technical expertise required. Now, you can re-use these actions built by Kaizala without any need to build them from scratch.

Choose an industry

Login to Kaizala management portal and go to the Actions tab. You can select an industry and choose whether you want Kaizala to remember your choice.

Fig 1: Actions Page

Once you choose to Discover actions, you will be able to see the industry specific cards for the same.

Fig 2: Discover actions

Click on View all (top right corner) to check out the different categories available for each industry. Some of the cards can be directly pinned to groups for you to start playing around. Other cards might need some configuration to use. So, the user can download them, make necessary modifications (change package-id, set major and minor versions to 1) and re-upload them. Also, they can attach web-hooks to the packages to pull their data whenever triggered from Kaizala.

Fig 3: Staff Feedback card can be downloaded as well as attached to a group for direct use

Readily Available cards





Other scenarios

Some of the actions which are relevant for all industries are grouped under HR & Team Culture, Corporate Communication and Customer Engagement respectively.

Fig 4: Generic actions and scenario work-flows


Try out the portal action cards now! Attach them to groups or modify the cards to suit your choice. Please reach out to for any requests related to actions that you want to be added to the portal.

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