Kaizala Text Translator

Have you ever received a text message in a language that you can’t read and as a result struggled to be a part of the conversation? Well, you don’t have to anymore! Kaizala now enables you to translate any text message into the language of your preference and send a text message in your preferred language without worrying about the receiver’s known language.  🙂

We have now introduced an inline text translation feature where you can communicate seamlessly in any language. This feature supports over 60+ languages and you can find the list below. This is available in both Android and iOS.  

This Feature will empower you to

Communicate without any language barrier 

Be a part of any conversation regardless of your language. Chat, converse and share in your own preferred language with the comfort of knowing that receivers will be able to read messages in their preferred language.  

Reach out to a broader audience 

Grow your business globally by connecting your colleagues, vendors, partners, distributors, and customers across different cultures.  

Be Inclusive

Make everyone feels welcome by supporting an inclusive environment enabling cross language understanding.  

Try it!

  1. Open Kaizala app and Select the chat you would like to Translate.  
  1. Long-tap on the text message.  
  1. You will see Translation icon   showing at the top header.  
  1. Tap on the icon. Voilà! selected text message is now translated to the language you have set for Kaizala App.  
  1. To read the original message, tap on the ‘See original message’.  

Supported Languages

  • Afrikaans 
  • Arabic  
  • Bangla  
  • Bosnian (Latin)  
  • Bulgarian
  • Cantonese(Traditional)  
  • Catalan 
  • Chinese Simplified 
  • Chinese Traditional 
  • Croatia 
  • Czech  
  • Danish  
  • Dutch  
  • English  
  • Estonian  
  • Fijian  
  • Filipino  
  • Finnish  
  • French  
  • German  
  • Greek  
  • Gujarati  
  • Haitian Creole  
  • Hebrew  
  • Hindi  
  • Hmong Daw  
  • Hungarian  
  • Icelandic  
  • Indonesian  
  • Irish  
  • Italian  
  • Japanese  
  • Kannada  
  • Kazakh 
  • Kiswahili  
  • Klingon  
  • Korean  
  • Latvian  
  • Lithuanian  
  • Malagasy  
  • Malay  
  • Malayalam  
  • Maltese  
  • Maori  
  • Marathi  
  • Norwegian  
  • Persian  
  • Polish  
  • Portuguese (Brazil) 
  • Portuguese(Portugal) 
  • Punjabi  
  • Queretaro Oto  
  • Romanian  
  • Russian  
  • Samoan  
  • Serbian (Cyrillic  
  • Serbian (Latin)  
  • Slovak  
  • Slovenian  
  • Spanish  
  • Swedish 
  • Tahitian  
  • Tamil  
  • Telugu  
  • Thai  
  • Tongan  
  • Turkish  
  • Ukrainian  
  • Urdu  
  • Vietnamese  
  • Welsh 
  • Yucatec Maya 

Coming soon!

Translations in Kaizala Action Cards like announcements coming up soon!

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